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SSCS dans les médias

Retrouvez ci-dessous quelques couvertures médiatiques internationales reçues par les Gardiens de la baie.

flag_united_states_tinyJanuary 5, 2012 -- Los Angeles Times - United States

Sea Shepherd activist arrested filming cove dolphins

The battle to stop the dolphin slaughter made infamous by last year’s Oscar-winning documentary, “The Cove,” has taken another turn.

On Dec. 16, Sea Shepherd volunteer Erwin Vermeulen, a member of the Cove Guardians project to monitor and document the capture of dolphins in Taiji, Japan, was arrested by Japanese police and charged with assault.

Vermeulen was arrested by Wakayama Prefecture police after attempting to film the transfer of a dolphin into holding pens at the Dolphin Resort Hotel, one destination for dolphins rounded up in Taiji.  .....more

flag_united_states_tinyDecember 20, 2011 -- Environment News Service - United States

Sea Shepherd's Cove Guardian Crew Raided by Japanese Police

Twenty officers of the Wakayama Prefecture Police Sunday raided the Charmant Hotel where Sea Shepherd's Cove Guardians have been staying near Taiji. Armed with a warrant, which they claimed was for video taken by Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen, the police seized all of the Sea Shepherd volunteers' computers, phones, hard drives, photos, cameras and other items that the police deemed "suspicious," the nonprofit organization said in a statement.

None of the three Sea Shepherd volunteers at the hotel were arrested during the raid. The cell phones and cameras, emptied of all SD memory cards, were later returned to them. No reasons have been given for this raid, said Sea Shepherd, a marine mammal defense and advocacy organization based on the U.S. island of Friday Harbor, Washington.  .....more

flag_canada_tinyNovember 21, 2011 -- Suite101 - Canada

Sea Shepherd's Rosie Kunneke Refuses to 'Look Away' from the Cove

Fans of the popular Animal Planet series, Whale Wars, have met Rosie Kunneke before. A member of the Antarctica 'Operation No Compromise' (2010-2011) aboard Sea Shepherd's vessel the Bob Barker, Kunneke was also involved with 'Operation Desert Seal' in Namibia earlier this year. Getting ready to take over the position as coordinator for Sea Shepherd South Africa, Kunneke for now, is focused on her second year in Taiji. .....more

flag_canada_tinyNovember 21, 2011 -- Suite101 - Canada

Rosie Kunneke of SSCS: 'If I was a Dolphin, I Would Choose Death'

In the second part of Suite101's interview with Lead Cove Guardian Rosie Kunneke of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Kunneke talks about the dolphin drive process itself and the tragic effects of captivity on wild dolphins.

When Kunneke says she issues live reports from the cove, she's not kidding. By using Twitter and Tweeting for Taiji, events in the cove travel the globe in a matter of seconds. From the moment the boats leave Taiji harbor, until they return, Kunneke reports their every move. The updates come either thick and fast or involve an agonizing wait. .....more

flag_united_states_tinySeptember 13, 2011 -- Ecorazzi - United States

Sea Shepherd: The Cove Guardians Have Arrived in Taiji

With the start of the dolphin hunt season in Taiji this month, we’ve recently told you about Ric O’Barry and Save Japan Dolphins’ presence at the cove and unforunately, the first dolphin slaughter of the year. Now, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has announced that their Operation Infinite Patience has officially begun.

Yesterday, Captain Paul Watson wrote on the Sea Shepherd site that the first Cove Guardian is now in Taiji. According to Watson, crewmember Rosie Kunneke is on the ground in Japan and will be leading the campaign. .....more

flag_uk_tinySeptember 13, 2011 -- BYM Marine Environment News  - Gibraltar

Japan. Operation Infinite Patience–the Cove Guardians have Arrived

Meet Rosie Kunneke - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s official Cove Guardians campaign leader of Operation Infinite Patience in Taiji, Japan. Rosie, a native of South Africa, arrived in Japan this past weekend to continue to document and expose the dolphin slaughter in this small Japanese town without pity for cetacean life.

The key to success in Taiji is patience, and as the Cove Guardians campaign begins its second year at Taiji, we need to accept that defeating the forces of death and destruction is not an easy task that can be accomplished overnight. .....more

flag_united_states_tinySeptember 02, 2011 -- Monsters and Critics  - United States

Whale Wars' Capt. Watson: 'Shameful Slaughter in Taiji Commences'

Captain Paul Watson of Whale Wars' fame sent Monsters and Critics an update on the fight for the dolphins and whales.

Watson writes, "When we arrive, the killers take notice. This point was made very clear most recently with Operation Ferocious Isles as zero whales were killed during our time in the Faeroe Islands. Now two of the Sea Shepherd ships, the Steve Irwin and the Brigitte Bardot, are returning to Great Britain to begin preparations for our next Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. We will be ready to once again intervene against illegal Japanese whaling." .....more

flag_japan_tinySeptember 02, 2011 -- The Japan Times  - Japan

Typhoon delays Taiji dolphin hunt

Fishermen in the traditional whaling town of Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, scrubbed Thursday's kickoff of their annual hunt for dolphins, whales and other cetaceans due to an approaching typhoon off the Pacific coast.

"We'd like to head out to sea soon, but you just can't beat a typhoon," Masayuki Miyoshi, deputy head of a local whaling association, said. The town was the focus of the controversial U.S. documentary "The Cove," which critically depicts the dolphin hunt there. .....more

flag_canada_tinySeptember 02, 2011 -- Suite101  - Canada

No Dolphins Killed Yet in Taiji as Hunting Season Kicks Off

Increasingly, Taiji, Japan is finding it tougher and tougher to conduct its annual dolphin drive, which officially began yesterday on September 01, 2011. As a typhoon delayed the annual roundup, slaughter and capture of thousands of dolphins, Japanese fishermen in the Wakayama Prefecture are also facing increasing pressure from dolphin activists such as Save Japan Dolphins and the Sea Shepherd organization. But sources say, the hunt is now underway.

With Typhoon Talas expected to reach western or central Japan either today or Saturday, Taiji fishermen are having to sit tight and wait out the storm. For dolphin activists, it must feel as if Mother Nature herself is stepping in to protest the hunt. .....more

flag_new_zealand_tinySeptember 01, 2011 -- Stuff  - New Zealand

Dolphin hunt begins

A protest against the killing of dolphins in Japan will be held outside the Japanese consulate Auckland office today from noon to 3pm.

It's led by Kerry O'Brien of Red Beach who went to Taiji in Japan earlier this year to join campaigners to try to stop the annual dolphin hunt. The hunt starts the same day as her protest.

She intends delivering a 5000 signature petition calling for a halt to the September 1 to March 31 dolphin round-up. .....more

flag_japan_tinyAugust 31, 2011 -- MSN Japan  - Japan

シー・シェパード、イルカ漁妨害を再開へ 和歌山県太地町に活動家を送り込み

9月1日から解禁される和歌山県太地町の追い込みイルカ漁について、米国の反捕鯨団体、シー・シェパード(SS)が、活動家を太地町に送り込み、漁の妨害を行う準備を進めていることが31日、わかった。SSは昨年も9月から幹部を太地町に長期常駐させ、妨害キャンペーンを展開。和歌山県警や第5管区海上保安本部は今年、現地での警備態勢を強化することにしているが、SS以外の反捕鯨グループの動きもあり、妨害活動はさらに激化することが予想される。 .....more

flag_united_states_tinyAugust 31, 2011 -- Beach Carolina Magazine - United States

Operation Infinite Patience: Return of the Cove Guardians

How does Sea Shepherd measure success? By the number of marine lives saved. Using this criteria, the original Cove Guardian program from September 1, 2010, to March 31, 2011 was a noteworthy success. An estimated 750 dolphin and pilot whale lives were saved as a result of the pressure applied by the Cove Guardian volunteers (the actuals from previous years averaged around 1,600 dolphins and pilot whales killed during this same six-month period). And if Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians saved this many lives, than it makes perfect sense to do it again this season. .....more

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